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Getting your toddler ready for a new baby

Your toddler or young child might not really understand the news about your pregnancy, especially a young toddler, so there might not be any benefit in talking about it early in your pregnancy. Toddlers have no concept of time so it might be worth holding off until focusing on the baby until your bump is big and birth only a few weeks away. When talking about ‘the baby in your tummy’ you could include conversations about what the baby might like to do, where will you go together and what the baby will need – it could also be beneficial to tell your toddler that the new baby won’t be able to play and to include the reality which is that a baby will need milk, sleep and time in a sling and/or pram. Reading books together can be a great way to talk about your pregnancy. Some older toddlers might like to come along to an antenatal appointment, so they can listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I remember my almost three year old daughter, …