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New Baby Survival Guide

Congratulations, your baby is here and you are a parent! You are probably learning fast that this beautiful new creature doesn’t come with any instructions and you may be feeling more than a little lost. There are no easy solutions but it can be helpful to: Trust your instincts – cuddle, feed and carry your new baby to soothe and comfort. You will not be spoiling him, you will not be making a rod for your own back – you will be providing love, comfort and security. Give yourself time to get to know your baby and time to adjust to your new life. You both need time to get to know each other, so you can get used to how your baby is communicating with you through sounds, cries, movement and behaviour. Accept or ask for help – you do not need to be superwoman and feel that you need to do it all. If you need help or if you feel that you need a break for an hour or so – ask! You …