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I am developing a co-ordinated approach to information, feedback & experiences, suggestions, support & conversations about birth for expectant parents across Tyneside. If you are pregnant, I want you and your partner to be able to access good information and support and to benefit from honest and experienced conversation about birth and birth preparation. Pregnancy can sometimes feel isolating as you work out what are good classes to attend, what information you need to know, what’s good to read, who to follow on social media. My aim is to share a range of articles, tips, suggestions, checklists and recommendations, along with links to other sources of information and support. I will be using #tynesidebirth on Facebook and Instagram and on my website so you can find articles and get involved in the conversation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. Janine

Northumbria Birthing Centre at NSECH

  Northumbria Birthing CentreNSECH, Northumbria Way, Cramlington NE23 6NZ Northumbria Birthing Centre has: 14 labour rooms Epidural Gas & air Diamorphine & Pethidine 2 birth pools Febromed birthing equipment Birth balls & birthing stools  Staff: midwives, anaesthetists and obstetricians Private en-suite rooms and partners can stay – although partners may need to bring a blow-up bed/camping mattress & bedding rather than sleeping in a chair Special Care Baby Unit for babies who need some extra care Doctors and anaesthetists are available  Visiting: partners can stay but other visitors can visit between 2.30-4pm & 6.30-7.30pm  Parking: £6 for 24 hours   My thoughts about Northumbria Birthing Centre… The feedback I receive from parents is overwhelmingly positive with comments about good care and experiences. The niggles and slightly negative comments I hear could be attached to any maternity unit – conflicting information, unhelpful comments from some staff members – so it pays to be as assertive as possible, to get the information and the support you need and find most helpful. I like that there are pools, Febromed …