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Parenting & acceptance

Acceptance: willingness to tolerate a difficult situation Being a parent can be one of the most frustrating and challenging experiences – because we want to get it right, we want our children to be happy and healthy and because their behaviour can be challenging to us whether we are dealing with a sleepless baby, a tantrumming toddler or a hormonal teenager. I have been pondering parenting alot recently – based on my own experiences, comments from friends and the words from many of the parents I see at the Birth & Baby Family Centre and I reckon a key part of parenting is acceptance – acceptance of the constant learning curve, acceptance that we don’t always have or need the answers, acceptance that our child is his own person, acceptance that we often don’t have any control, acceptance that we are not doing anything wrong, acceptance that we are doing our best and acceptance that they are but a child. In our modern society we are usually desperate for solutions, we are fearful of the consequences of getting it …

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A Letter To Me

Dear Me I know you are tired and confused and sore and feeling a bit lost but I promise you it will get better. I know you are feeling unsure about your ability to be a mum, about whether you are ready for the responsibility of being a mum and looking after your brand new baby girl – at times it will be a tough journey but being a mum will make you the happiest you have ever been. The reality of having a baby is so different from your expectations and you can feel the overwhelming weight of responsibility on your shoulders – it is early days, your hormone levels are still all over the place and you are tired and sore from giving birth. Breastfeeding hurts and you didn’t expect it to be this hard but, this too, will ease and I hope you can focus on the positives – your baby is feeding and well, you just don’t have any support to know what is normal. Stick at it because you will …