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Mothers and the emotional load

Much is written about the motherload – the organising of children’s schedules and the household, – but let’s focus on the emotional load for a second – feeling responsible for, monitoring and worrying about your child’s wellbeing and development. It’s a huge load to carry, it takes time and investment and it can be overwhelming and exhausting. It’s part of the parenting package, it is crucial to older children and teenagers yet it is another invisible role often of mothers although I am sure plenty of dads take this on as well. Children always need our time and attention, as parents we need to listen to what they are really saying through, often through their actions rather than their words. And this is vital as children get older and then become teenagers – we often need to be their cheerleader, their counsellor, their life coach and their personal assistant (in addition to taxi driver, cook and entertainment’s officer) for them and their friends. This role starts when we carry our newborn baby when they need …

Vitamins for babies & children

A quick Facebook chat with new mums this week has confirmed what I thought – there is a lot of confusion, conflicting advice and lack of information about baby vitamins. So I have attempted to gather together the range of information and discussion to make more sense of baby and child vitamins… Babies The NHS recommends that breastfed babies are given a daily supplement of Vitamin D (8.5-10 micrograms). If your baby has more than 500ml of formula per day, then you do not need to supplement. UNICEF states that giving babies Vitamin D is just a precaution because there is very little evidence of significant deficiency in babies. From speaking to mums and having a google, there is also some confusion about their Vitamin D intake and whether that is enough for their breastfed baby. Kellymom has some brilliant information as well as a great article which refers to research which has found that breastfeeding women would need to take more than the recommended 10mcg: from 50-100mcg would provide enough vitamin D for mum …

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Being a mum

This is something I write about every now and then – so much of my work is with new mums and I am also a mum who rides the ever changing challenges of motherhood. I remember the early days and weeks with my first baby – the terror I felt at the pressure to get this right, to keep her alive and how overwhelmed I was by the feeling of being ill-equipped to look after my baby. I loved her but I don’t remember feeling comfortable and confident looking after her for about 3 months – I just felt lost. In the early weeks, it was the most isolating experience of my life – everyone else seemed to have answers, everyone else seemed to have babies who slept, everyone else seemed less afraid than me. At times, I felt useless and incapable. And because I was finding it so hard, I felt guilty, like I wasn’t a good enough mum because surely no-one else was struggling? But slowly my confidence did build and I started …

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For Children & Teenagers

The need for good information, support, reassurance and classes doesn’t go away as your children get older. As Birth, Baby & Family is all about parent support and this continues as your children grow. I’m also keen to link you with more classes and services for your older children – this is being developed so I will be linking you with more classes and services. Decote Dance Academy – a range of dance classes for children and teenagers Puddle Ducks Swim Academy – for children aged 4-10 years old Branch Family Counselling – specialising in working with children aged 5 to 18 1:1 Parent Support Sessions with Birth, Baby & Family to focus on specific parenting issues or to focus on you as the personal challenges change