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Janine Smith practitioner

The Birth, Baby & Family Practice is me, Janine, I am an antenatal teacher, postnatal group leader, baby massage instructor, doula & parent coach – this unique range of professional training and experience means I provide classes and support for parents from pregnancy and throughout life with babies and children.

I am a mum of three, I have worked with expectant and new parents since 2002 and I have run my own business for several years. I have also experienced babyloss, which means I am in a unique position to be able to support grieving parents who are preparing for birth again.

I haven’t always – and still don’t always – find parenting easy and this is why being able to provide non-judgemental parent support is so important to me. Parenting is a constant learning curve, it can be pretty isolating, we can feel guilt and give ourselves a hard time for finding it hard and for not having all the answers. I am really open about my own parenting challenges and I don’t believe in quick fixes – I believe in looking after ourselves; of getting support when we need it; of laughter; of being taken seriously; of being honest; of having realistic expectations and of making small tweaks and changes when needed.

antenatal classes newcastle tyneside“Janine has a rare gift, on the one hand down to earth and no-nonsense, while on the other kind and wise – coupled with sharp intelligence, fantastic knowledge and the ability to really listen. Did I mention she makes a mean pot of tea as well?”

Due to my training, experience and the range of services I provide, I possess excellent knowledge about birth, babies and early parenting.

Diploma in Antenatal Education (University of Beds | three years)
I have worked with expectant parents across Tyneside since 2002

Diploma in Postnatal Education  (University of Beds | three years)
I have provided postnatal courses and drop-ins across Tyneside since 2008

Doula Training with Nurturing Birth
Since 2009 I have supported a number of parents throughout the birth of their baby and through those first few days and weeks with a new baby.

Infant Massage Instructor Training with International Association of Infant Massage
I have provided baby massage courses in North Tyneside since 2010

NCFE Level 3 Counselling Skills
I gained this qualification in 2001 and I use these skills in all of my sessions – they enable me to listen and to focus on the needs of my clients

SANDS Bereavement Support Training

ASC Life Skills Coach


My Philosophy 

As a mum, I understand the excitement and concerns of being pregnant, giving birth and being a parent and my work reflects this. I specialise in running small and informal groups and private consultations, which are welcoming, friendly and supportive. I provide a personal approach to focus on your unique need for information, support or reassurance. It’s about giving you a professional expertise, it’s about being listened to and being heard, it’s about giving you a confidence boost when you need it.

I listen to and learn from every parent I work with and this has a huge impact on my practice and it makes me able to be good at what I do in informing and supporting parents from pregnancy and as a parent.

Birth baby and family practice 5

Birth, Baby & Family – The practice for parents

As a practitioner, I specialise in working with parents in pregnancy, providing effective birth preparation and during those early months as a parent.

With a combination of 1:1 and small group sessions, I am able to provide practical information, support and reassurance. I can answer questions, help with ideas, plans & strategies, provide confidence boosts and give you a chance to sit back and breath by just listening. My work is also about easing isolation and boosting wellbeing by having a place to offload and talk through the challenges.

Through articles and guides, I am also able to provide a range of information, tips, parent experiences and an experienced perspective. 

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent wellbeing