Mother Cuppa

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Mother Cuppa

a weekly group with conversation, discussion, support and reassurance
for mums with babies

This is a small, friendly group which is focused on mums so you can chat, make friends, find a support network and get reassurance on all things baby and early parenting.

I am an experienced postnatal group leader and a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting so
we can talk about…

  • recovery from birth
  • sleep & exhaustion
  • feeding
  • growth spurts
  • what’s normal
  • being a mum
  • low mood & anxiety
  • how tough it can be
  • how bloody brilliant it can be
  • how amazing you are!

With Janine Smith
a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

I won’t tell you what to do, my aim is to provide good support, information and reassurance so you can ask questions, feel more confident as a parent and better able to get through your tough weeks.

This little group is all about a warm welcome, a cosy and safe space with conversation and endless tea, cake and fresh coffee for parents from across Newcastle and Tyneside. It is a comfortable and relaxing group to come to if you are feeling overwhelmed or tired, if you are finding your feet with your new baby and if you would like some good support throughout the first year with your baby.

For parents with a baby from new to crawling
Wednesdays | 1-3pm | £5 | weekly | North Shields
tea/fresh coffee and cake

mother cuppa newcastle and tyneside

Mother Cuppa

Wednesdays 1-3pm - a group for mums and babies


I run Mother Cuppa at my house so if you have never been before, just send me a message for the address & parking details.

Janine x