Mentoring For Parents

wordswag_1555420203432-12323905508246886829.pngThis is a professional mentor & coaching service for parents that can go beyond birth and postnatal support.

These are 1:1 sessions for people who are also parents:

  • for headspace
  • for stress management
  • for better life balance
  • to develop coping strategies
  • to work through parenting and family challenges
  • to think through work challenges
  • to focus on decision-making
  • finding focus and motivation
  • to focus on you, to address the challenges and to boost your wellbeing
  • for life and its many challenges
  • as well as being the parent you want to be


Life can be busy with juggling responsibilities, meeting people’s needs and keeping on top of everything – it is easy to feel lost or overwhelmed at times. These sessions are not about being told what to do and they are not counselling – they are about having the opportunity to offload, to focus on the challenges, to focus on what you want to achieve, to plan, to develop strategies and to be listened to. From that can come better communication, change and better balance.

My 1:1 sessions are private, confidential and non-judgemental and they are focused on you. They are informal but professional and they can take place in my teaching space, in your home, at work, in a café, on a walk, over the phone or over video-call.

£45 for up to 90-minutes | With Janine Smith
They can take place in my teaching space in North Shields or I can come to you (if you live outside North Tyneside there may be an additional travel fee).

Daytime, Evening & Weekend sessions are available so appointments can be arranged at a time to best suit you. Regular appointments can also be arranged.


wordswag_15554411234922054664411553962485.pngWith Janine Smith
A specialist in pregnancy & birth, early parenting and parent wellbeing

I have worked with parents since 2002 and, as a practitioner with professional training and experience, I am trusted to provide a balance of reliable knowledge, non-judgemental support and much needed reassurance.

My job is not to tell you what to do – it is to listen, to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, it is about providing ideas and information, helping you to formulate plans and to find what works for you and for your family.

The focus is on your wellbeing in pregnancy, for birth, as a parent and as you, the person behind the parent and I have created informal but effective small group and 1:1 sessions to benefit you.

Just get in touch to arrange your appointment.