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Essential Tips for Labour & Birth

So you are having a baby, you getting bigger and it is becoming clear that your baby will soon have to leave your body. People can talk about how awful, painful and exhausting it is to give birth and, thanks to a few tv shows, we expect to feel out of control, to be screaming and to be under constant instruction from a midwife. It can seem pretty daunting and it can seem scary but, once pregnant, you have no choice and birth stands between your pregnancy and you meeting your baby. But does birth have to be crap? Is birth just down to luck? Is there anything you can do to make it easier for you? I have worked with expectant parents across Tyneside since 2002 to provide good information and practical skills to provide better preparation for birth.   Here are some essential birth tips for you… be assertive – if you need something ask for it so you can be as comfortable, informed and secure as possible. Throughout labour you may have a need for more information, food and drink, …