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Birth Assertiveness

When I talk to women about birth the stories are varied but there can be some very common themes and terms such as ‘wasn’t allowed’ can feature very strongly. Women can sometimes feel restricted but birth assertiveness is important to say what you need, to ask questions and to gather more information. I am passionate about women being able to move in labour, to get into positions to aid labour and to be more comfortable – being off the bed and able to rock, sway, sit, stand, lean and wander as you need to means that you can feel that you have more control, helping you to work with your contractions rather than battle with them, it means you can rest and conserve energy, it means you can be guided by your body to give your baby the space he needs do get into a better position and to ease his manoeuvre through the pelvis and down the birth canal. Keeping a labouring women on a bed when she doesn’t feel comfortable there can mean she ends up feeling like a patient, to be told …