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Parent Voice: Anxiety

Anxiety crept up on me. I didn’t expect to have mental health issues. Not when I was 37, not after I’d just about navigated the intensity of having two babies and seeing them through toddlerhood. It caught me out, and I was really cross about it. It’s difficult to accept that it’s ok not to feel great. Even if everything looks great on the outside. My internal monologue went along the lines of “stop worrying, don’t be ungrateful, there are plenty of people worse off than you”. I quickly discovered that even if you know you shouldn’t feel bad it’s absolutely possible to feel wretched. Mental health challenges don’t discriminate, anyone is fair game. This was two years ago and my life didn’t outwardly appear any different to how it looks now. If you didn’t know me very well, and I suspect even if you did, there appeared nothing out of the ordinary about my life. Anxiety: Tipping Point But I was at a tipping point with anxiety. Tipping point makes it sound extreme and …