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Combination Feeding

Some mums need or choose to combine feed – doing both breastfeeding and formula feeding. This comes up a lot in my postnatal sessions and mums can need to do this for a number of reasons: top up feeds as part of a weight-gain plan so their baby can take a bottle to ease the pressure on them, so they can share the feeding to take a break, to go out, to go away, to go back to work easing stress and pressure as part of making the switch from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding There’s no firm advice on how to do this but having a plan and some consistency can be important – this will help with your milk production as well as eventually building a gentle routine. You might choose mixed feeding because you need to do top-ups to help with weight-gain, you want to give your baby a regular bottle each day or because you want to continue breastfeeding but you need to do more bottle feeds than breastfeeds. Top-Ups This can be …

Happy in January – taking control of the mental load

It’s most unlike me but I am happy in January – combination of being organised, focused and grateful for the simple, little things. I’m trying to change my perspective this year – less negative and more positive, appreciative, controlling what I can control and trying to let go of stress. January can be a bleak month – the weather, Christmas is done, the tax return and just the feeling of starting the treadmill of another year. And I usually struggle a bit but this year feels different. I’m trying to be more positive and focused and appreciative of the small things in life, the things that really matter – family and friends, home, health, o business I love, enjoying a good book or movie, getting out for a walk. I’m trying to silence my inner critic by taking control of it – lists and writing seem to be helping and it’s there for when imposter syndrome kicks in as well! Acceptance is a huge part of managing perspective and mental health. I am a worrier …

Pregnancy & Birth Conversations: January

I work with so many parents I am going to start to share just a little bit of the conversations we have and the questions I am asked. I started a new antenatal course last night with a brilliant group where conversation flowed and the questions kept coming. This is why I run small groups and 1:1 sessions, so parents can be honest, they can share and they have a platform to be heard and to focus on their need for knowledge, strategies and reassurance. It’s a privilege to do my job, I work hard at it, it’s my passion and I love working with parents in this way.

Here's to 2020

This time of year can be full of posts declaring bigger and better for the year ahead – but I’m just going to keep doing what I do: small groups & private sessions for parents and writing useful posts here. My work aim for this year is to keep keeping it simple with honest, realistic information, good support and as much reassurance as I can dish out for parents. My role as a practitioner is about confidence, wellbeing, community, being heard and feeling less alone. The one change I need to make is to shout about it more and your help is vital – your recommendations, feedback and post sharing makes all the difference, so please do share my details with anyone who is pregnant or who has a new baby. Thank you!Jx

Baby Sleep – and why it can be so tough

Baby sleep is a huge topic of conversation – both antenatally and postnatally. It comes up in conversations with expectant parents, who have concerns about how they are going to cope with lack of sleep, and it is a popular postnatal topic among tired parents, whose baby sleep issues are ongoing. Lack of sleep with a baby is the toughest thing to cope with for many reasons…*you are really tired*the days are long*it can feel like it is all on you*you may be feeling like you are getting something wrong*it can all feel very overwhelming and isolating*it can affect your mental health Baby sleep is a complicated issue – some babies sleep in longer chunks, and others wake more frequently. If there was a simple solution to this, we would all be doing it and it wouldn’t be an issue but a baby’s needs vary each day and sleep can easily be affected by growth spurts, needing food/comfort/reassurance, colds, teeth, reflux, wind, being uncomfortable, wanting to be near mum and just not being able to …