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Pregnancy & Birth Conversations: January

I work with so many parents I am going to start to share just a little bit of the conversations we have and the questions I am asked. I started a new antenatal course last night with a brilliant group where conversation flowed and the questions kept coming. This is why I run small groups and 1:1 sessions, so parents can be honest, they can share and they have a platform to be heard and to focus on their need for knowledge, strategies and reassurance. It’s a privilege to do my job, I work hard at it, it’s my passion and I love working with parents in this way.

Conversations with parents…

I have regularly posted on my social media about the conversation topics that come up during both antenatal and postnatal session but I am going to start posting them on here as well. I think it’s useful for you to know what we discuss during antenatal classes and during postnatal sessions – it could be questions asked by parents (nothing personal is ever shared in posts) or questions posed by me to provide information and to provoke discussion. This is useful so you know what goes on in my sessions but it can also provide with knowledge and reassurance. Please do get in touch if you have any questions. Janine | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting