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Do antenatal classes really make a difference?

I was asked this question the other day. And, as an antenatal teacher, my answer is yes – if I didn’t think they made a difference, I wouldn’t be doing this job. I love what I do and I honestly believe it makes a difference – this will be different for everyone because some parents need more information and support than others and it also depends on the antenatal classes. I can only talk about mine which I have designed to provide information, practical skills, discussion and the opportunity to ask questions – and they are based on 15 years experience working with expectant and new parents. Parents book on to my antenatal courses to get better prepared, to gather information, to feel less anxious and to have more control over the unknown they are faced with. My antenatal classes can make a difference because they give you the opportunity to think about labour & birth so you know… more about the physiology of labour and birth, so you are not scared of your contractions …