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Antenatal classes for expectant parents across Tyneside

10 reasons to book antenatal classes Newcastle Tyneside

10 reasons to book antenatal classes

I truly love running antenatal classes, it is a privilege to work with expectant parents at this life-changing time and my role is to provide the information, support and reassurance that different parents need. I love birth, I love the uniqueness and unpredictability of birth and I love the strength and pure awesomeness of women and what we do to grow and birth our baby. I don’t believe that one type of birth is better than another although I would prefer it if births didn’t involve any distress for women, their partners and babies – but this is an issue I talk about and attempt to prepare you for. Birth, Baby & Family Antenatal Classes I have about 16 years experience of teaching antenatal classes, I have professional qualifications and I have attended births as a doula but what’s in it for you… 1. You will benefit from a range of practical, realistic information for labour, birth, staying calm, for movement and resting, for contractions and for managing your energy. 2. I provide a professional service and I am an experienced practitioner who …