Baby Sleep Consultations

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With babies usually comes a lack of sleep – this is completely normal but it doesn’t mean it is easy. It can help to understand why babies sleep differently, what can encourage better sleep and how you can look after you and get more rest.

There are no easy solutions when it comes to babies and sleep but expectations for wanting a baby to sleep all night can sometimes be unrealistic and this can leave you tired, frustrated and feeling like you are doing something wrong.

I have worked with parents for a number of years now and I know how differently babies can sleep and how it can affect parents. Baby sleep is a focus of my postnatal support because I know how exhausting it can be – and good information, support and reassurance can make a lot of difference.

My Baby Sleep Service has been carefully designed to support you when you are tired, out of ideas and maybe feeling like you are doing something wrong. The aim of this sleep support is not to tell you what to do or to give you rigid routines, it is about providing you with the opportunity to talk it through and to gain information, ideas and a fresh perspective on your baby’s sleep.

My suggestions & strategies will be gentle and practical, to encourage you to follow your baby’s cues and to create gentle routines which you can adapt as your baby’s needs change.

It will include looking at:

  • baby sleep cues
  • knowledge about baby brain development, sleep needs and the different reasons why babies need to wake in the night
  • creating a safe sleep environment
  • developing a gentle bedtime routine, including winding down and getting ready for sleep
  • coping strategies for managing with less sleep

There are two packages available…

£75 | This includes:
a consultation lasting between 90-minutes and 2 hours, with sessions notes and my Practical Guide to Baby Sleep plus ongoing support with 3 follow-up emails

£45 | This includes:
a 90-minute consultation and my Practical Guide to Baby Sleep

I am able to provide daytime, evening & weekend sessions to fit around your schedule. 1:1 sessions take place in my North Shields venue or it may be possible to come to your home. I also provide phone and video sessions if you live further away.

“We really needed this – we are tired and in need of a fresh perspective on sleep, on what we are doing and what changes we can make.”

“This was a great session – I know I’m not doing anything wrong and my expectations about sleep are a bit more real now.”


With Janine Smith
A specialist in pregnancy & birth, early parenting and parent wellbeing

I have worked with parents since 2002 and, as a practitioner with professional training and experience, I am trusted to provide a balance of reliable knowledge, non-judgemental support and much needed reassurance.

My approach is not to tell you what to do – it is to listen, to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, it is about providing ideas and information, helping you to formulate plans and to find what works for you and for your family.

The focus is on your wellbeing in pregnancy, for birth, as a parent and as you, the person behind the parent and I have created informal but effective small group and 1:1 sessions to benefit you.

Just get in touch to find out more.
Janine x