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Good reads for expectant & new parents

Practical Guides to Labour & Birth
I have written a series of practical guides for labour & birth to accompany my antenatal classes and 1:1 consultations with expectant parents. I have now made all 16 titles available to download. These guides are based on good knowledge, first-hand experience, parent experiences and latest research – they have been designed to prepare you well for the reality of labour and birth and to encourage you to think about your options.

Expecting by Anna McGrail & Daphne Metland
A brilliant guide to pregnancy and birth

Do Birth by Caroline Flint
A positive focus on birth by an experienced midwife and antenatal teacher

Inducing Labour by Sara Wickham
Information and research to make a more informed decision about induction

The Positive Breastfeeding Book by Amy Brown
Essential information and practical support for breastfeeding

What Mothers Do When It Looks Like Nothing – Naomi Stadlen
A must-read for all pregnant women and new mums to prepare for the transition to being a mum

The Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland
Another essential for parents – it is packed full of knowledge about baby & child development and behaviour

Wonder Weeks by Hetty Van de Rijt
This book, along with the app, is really popular among many of the new mums I talk to. It helps to reassure them about behaviour changes and growth spurts

Brilliant Websites

For getting your baby into a better position for labour & birth

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Evidence-based baby sleep information

for information, support & reassurance for pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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