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Confident Birthing

If you are pregnant, my aim is to inform and equip you with a brilliant range of knowledge and practical skills so you can be better prepared for the birth of your baby.

Confident Birthing is about different perspectives and needs for labour and birth – we are all different and labour is a unique experience for every woman.

This is about knowing what can help during labour and birth so you can work out what you might need, where your challenges might lie and how you can deal with those.

It is about having more confidence in labour & birth so you know your options and so you can adapt if those options change.

As expectant parents you are going to benefit from thorough antenatal classes – which run as small group and 1:1 sessions and which will be available as an online course this year. As a professionally-trained and experienced antenatal teacher, my sessions are about working with all parents so this includes getting you better prepared for induction, for a caesarean, as well as for birth after loss.

I have used my knowledge and experience to develop thorough and effective antenatal sessions, as well as a toolkit of resources for you to use at home to provide continued information and support after your course/1:1 sessions have finished.

Parents travel from across Northumberland, Tyneside and Newcastle to attend my classes and, with online antenatal classes, parents from further away will also be able to benefit from my Confident Birthing classes.

I currently provide a range of sessions for all expectant parents:

  • antenatal courses
  • relax & breathe workshops
  • 1:1 birth consultations

along with regular articles on my website

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Just get in touch with any queries about antenatal classes and birth preparation sessions.

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