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Spreading the word – antenatal classes…

I have taught antenatal classes since 2002 when I started my training with the NCT and then as an independent practitioner. I have found my place in this busy birth prep market – in amongst the free NHS classes, the NCT classes, the hypnobirthing and the different franchises, there is me.

Working with expectant parents is my absolute passion and I pride myself of personalised birth prep, so you can know more about your options, you can talk through them and feel better prepared for your birth. We all need different options and strategies and that is what I am all about.

I am now at a point where I want to work with more expectant parents – with antenatal classes, relax & breathe and 1:1 birth consultations. To equip, empower, support and reassure expectant parents for all births: straight-forward, complicated, waterbirths, induction, caesareans.

My birth prep philosophy is about focusing on parents with small groups and 1:1 sessions and providing robust information, skills and support:

  • it is about knowing what works and what might not – for all births
  • it’s about saying what you need and gathering information
  • it’s about knowing how to use your breathing to stay calm – especially if birth becomes more complicated
  • it’s about knowing how to look after you and your baby in those early days and weeks
  • it’s about having more confidence in you – not just for birth but to stay calm when you need to
  • it’s about being assertive and feeling supported as you get better prepared


I will be sharing more birth posts, I will be running more classes, I will be aiming to reach more expectant parents – your support with this would be brilliant. To share posts and to tag friends will be so helpful to me.

And please do get in touch with any comments and questions.

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