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What to expect from my antenatal classes…

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My antenatal classes are a little bit different – based on training, experience and parent feedback, they are about providing the time and the opportunity to gather knowledge & practical techniques and to ask all the questions you need to feel better prepared for birth and days & weeks your new baby.


Small groups – after years of teaching large groups of expectant parents, I made the decision to teach smaller groups. Not many practitioners can do this but small groups means you can be involved, you can ask questions and the sessions can be tailored more to the group.

caesarean preparation

1:1 sessions – these fit around your schedule, they can take place in your home and they are individual to you and what you need to focus on. You might need general birth preparation or you might want specific information due to birth trauma, loss, a stressful pregnancy, mental health or physical health issues.


A cosy, welcoming space with pots of tea – it’s all about making you feel comfortable and welcome so tea, coffee, water, chocolate, fruit and cake is there for you.

Tailored to you – no two sessions are the same because everyone has their own perceptions, expectations and experiences and my antenatal classes are about encouraging you to focus on what you may need and what feels right for you.

Getting you involved & empowered – it’s not a classroom and it’s not about being lectured to. My aim is to encourage you to ask questions and to think about what you may need for labour & birth and to be better prepared. It is also about informing you of issues and options that you might not have considered.

20181010_173754.jpgThe reality of birth – what can affect labour & birth and how you thought you would manage it. It can be as simple as busting a few myths based on what you see on TV – our expectations can be affected by this – but it is also about thinking about your options and coping strategies for managing things like induction, caesareans and long labours.

Life with your new baby – my antenatal course and 1:1 sessions focus on some of the practical aspects of having a new baby: sleep, feeding and what a new baby needs, as well as giving you the opportunity to think about what to expect and what you may need in those early days and weeks

An experienced antenatal teacher – I am trained to teach expectant parents and I have worked with parents who have varied needs and experiences over the last 17 years. I don’t have an agenda on there being one way to labour & birth, that’s why my teaching style is comprehensive, inclusive and parent-focused. As well as my pregnancy and birth knowledge, I have also worked as a birth doula to support women and their partners in pregnancy and during labour.

Ongoing reassurance – this doesn’t stop after the sessions. You will receive the Practical Guides to Labour & Birth and information emails after your antenatal classes and I can be contacted with any ongoing questions. I also run a range of postnatal sessions, so I can also be a familiar and trusted face as you navigate early parenthood.

janine blog2If you are pregnant and you are thinking about getting more informed for labour & birth, just get in touch with any queries.

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