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FAQs about antenatal classes

questions about antenatal classes

I run a range of antenatal classes for expectant parents across Newcastle and Tyneside – to meet your need for information, to be equipped with essential skills and to better prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Where do my antenatal classes run?
My small group antenatal classes run in the centre of North Shields – I am a couple of minutes from the metro and there is free parking right outside. 1:1 sessions can take place in your home.

Who attends my classes?
Antenatal classes are usually attended by professional women aged between 25 – 42  from across Tyneside, Newcastle and Northumberland.
Partners are welcomed and included in the sessions but some women also attend on their own.

What are the sessions like? Informal, professional and welcoming with tea, conversation, discussion and questions.

What’s included? In addition to face-to-face sessions, I send out the Practical Guides to Labour & Birth with information emails. I can also be contacted after the sessions for more information and ongoing reassurance.

When is best to attend antenatal classes? During your 3rd trimester – ideally to finish before 37 weeks. However, I may be able to offer you a last-minute 1:1 session in late pregnancy if you need information, reassurance and a bit of a confident boost.

Why should I book? To be well prepared for the birth of your baby with good information, practical skills and effective sessions to involve you and to focus on your needs as an expectant parent. I am an experienced birth practitioner and I am trained to teach expectant parents, so you are in good hands.

What do other parents say? You can read a range of feedback from parents who have accessed by antenatal, postnatal and 1:1 services.

How should I book? You can book through the antenatal class pages or you can just send me a message below.


janine blog2If you have any queries about my antenatal classes, just get in touch.

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