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Why my teaching space is a special place…

My teaching space is at home, a very special room that connects everything I love.

The room I see my clients in for antenatal sessions, birth debrief, baby massage, postnatal groups and 1:1 sessions is a relaxing, warm, cosy & comfortable space. It is the room I meet with amazing parents for the job I love: supporting and reassuring; answering questions; providing a safe space to offload and talk through challenges.

labour and birth newcastle and tynesideIt is a room I spent time in during all three of my pregnancies and it is a room I laboured in with all three of my children;

it is the room I cuddled two of my new babies in, shortly after they were born;

It is the room I learnt to breastfeed my eldest two children;

It is the room they were in when they first met their grand-parents;

It is the room where my girls took their first steps;

It is a room where I raised my children –  where we have played, danced, laughed cried and cuddled;

It is the room where I have grown as a parent – from those early, lost, overwhelming days where I felt out of my depth to the more confident mother of teenagers;

It is a room of energy and life, a room of family and memories;

It is my happy space.

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