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Ongoing Parent Support

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As my children have grown and I have experienced the parenting challenges of having older children as well as the personal challenges of being a woman with a family and a small business, I extended my training to be able to work with parents after maternity leave.

The 1:1 sessions are private sessions for you to focus:

parenting issues such as:

  • bedtime & sleep
  • child development & behaviour
  • toilet training
  • food & eating
  • being a parent
  • meeting the needs of more than one child
  • issues relating to older children & teenagers

personal issues such as:

  • juggling different demands & responsibilities
  • anxiety & low mood
  • finding focus & motivation
  • headspace
  • stress management
  • menopause
  • work
  • lacking confidence
  • work/life balance
  • having a chance to focus on you – the person behind the parent

mother cuppa saturdays

Saturday Mother Cuppa

This monthly session is just for mums – it’s about ongoing support, conversation, discussion, questions, coping strategies, tea and cake.

It is about easing any isolation and feeling supported as a mum and as a woman who could also be juggling different demands and responsibilities. This session is for any mum of a baby, toddler, older child or teenager.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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Mum of three and a specialist in parent support



antenatal teacher, doula, baby massage instructor, postnatal group leader, parent coach, writer of words, mum, wife and friend I am a warm, sensitive, straight-talking, down to earth mum, wife, friend and practitioner; I am a professional listener – people often feel very comfortable opening up to me about their experiences, fears, challenges and struggles – and I also know a thing or two about pregnancy, birth, babies and supporting parents.