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Toddler Behaviour

1-2 years

  • interaction
  • curious
  • energetic
  • communication
  • exploration
  • frustration
  • pushing boundaries


3 years

  • independence
  • control over themselves and their activities
  • fear and jealousy
  • pushing and hitting


what they might need…

  • distraction
  • praise and reinforce positive behaviour
  • play
  • gentle boundaries
  • smiles and laughter
  • cuddles
  • encourage language and explanations
  • reassurance
  • consistency
  • freedom to play and explore


what you might need

  • at times you might be feeling challenged, frustrated and tired so get some support
  • remind yourself that it won’t last forever
  • take some time for you to rest and recharge


Janine – specialist in pregnancy, birth & parent support

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