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Looking After You

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Whether you have a baby, toddler, older children or teenagers, chances are life is busy as a mum – with juggling responsibilities, meeting everyone’s needs and generally keeping on top of everything.

As a parent you may feel overwhelmed at times, in need of some headspace, in need of a rest and a need to do something for you. You might also feel overwhelmed by your desire to get it right, to not mess up this parenting – the expectations and pressure can be enormous.

Babies, children and teenagers are always developing, growing and adapting and, as such, you are always learning and adapting to the changes in your children. Getting support and reassurance about what is normal, what to expect and how to work with and manage these changes and different behaviour can make a huge difference in your confidence and ability.

The challenges of being a parent are varied – children will fill us with enormous love and pride as well as enormous frustration mixed with a huge dollop of guilt and worry.

And then there’s you, the person behind the parent – what do you need? How do you look after you? Mums book 1:1 sessions with me for lots of different reasons…

parenting issues such as:

  • pregnancy & birth
  • new babies/new parents
  • bedtime & sleep
  • child development & behaviour
  • toilet training
  • weaning & food
  • being a parent
  • meeting the needs of more than one child
  • issues relating to older children & teenagers
  • feeling overwhelmed as a parent
  • being a grandparent

personal issues such as:

  • juggling different demands & responsibilities
  • loss of identity
  • anxiety & low mood
  • finding focus & motivation
  • thinking & headspace
  • stress management
  • menopause
  • work
  • lacking confidence
  • work/life balance
  • having a chance to focus on you – the person behind the parent

Most of my 1:1 sessions take place face-to-face – either in my home in North Shields or in your home in the North East – and they can also take place over the phone or by Skype if you live further away. 

Confidential, professional and non-judgmental sessions can be essential to wellbeing. These sessions are not about being told what to do, they are not about advice, they are not counselling. These sessions are about moving forward, having the time to offload, to think, to plan, to share, to gather knowledge and coping strategies, to be heard, to focus on you and on your need for information, reassurance and support.

Session Information

Sessions are £50 for 2 hours, which includes session notes

Regular appointments can also be made…
Every 6 weeks | £45 | 90 minute sessions
Every month | £35 | 90 minute sessions

Daytime, evening & weekend sessions are available...
Monday morning/afternoon
Wednesday morning/afternoon
Thursday morning/afternoon/evening
Friday morning/afternoon
Saturday morning/afternoon

If you have any queries or to book your appointment you can just send me a message here.