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Birth, Baby & Family is my small practice, providing a supportive and personalised service for parents from pregnancy and throughout family life. I provide a range of birth preparation sessions, doula support, postnatal sessions for mums on maternity leave, baby massage, weaning and 1:1 parent sessions as the children grow and the personal and parenting challenges change.

As an experienced practitioner in pregnancy, birth and parent support, I am able to provide a unique range of support from small groups to 1:1 sessions.


So here’s a quick guide to Birth, Baby & Family…


Pregnancy Support, Birth Preparation & Birth Support

Antenatal Course
Relax & Breathe for Birth
Birth Doula Service
1:1 Pregnancy & Birth Consultations

Practical Guides to Labour & Birth

For parents with babies

Postnatal Doula Service
Mother Cuppa
Baby Massage
1:1 Sessions
Sleep Support
Weaning Workshop
Birth Debrief Service

Ongoing support for parents & families

1:1 Sessions
Support, reassurance and coping strategies with baby support, parenting support, support with older children and support for you, the person behind the parent.

My sessions can be accessed by parents across the North East and I am also developing online support for parents who live further away.

Social Media
You can keep up to date with news, updates and links to articles on:

The Birth, Baby & Family Facebook Page



If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to send me a message…

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antenatal teacher, doula, baby massage instructor, postnatal group leader, parent coach, writer of words, mum, wife and friend I am a warm, sensitive, straight-talking, down to earth mum, wife, friend and practitioner; I am a professional listener – people often feel very comfortable opening up to me about their experiences, fears, challenges and struggles – and I also know a thing or two about pregnancy, birth, babies and supporting parents.

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