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Pregnancy & Birth

pregnancy newcastle tyneside

Birth, Baby & Family is here for you during your pregnancy with information on these pages as well as…

Pregnancy Consultations: private sessions to talk through…
stress, anxiety, worries | birth debrief | pregnancy after loss

The Antenatal Course – a small group course to prepare you for…
everything from early labour to meeting your baby | 5 sessions |
ideal for first-time parents

Relax & Breathe for Birth – a small group session to help you…
learn how to use your breathing | be calmer | have more control | ease any anxiety or panic | work with your contractions | for all expectant parents

1:1 Birth Consultations – private sessions to focus on your unique need for information and support… 
labour and birth | birth after loss | birth debrief | induction | caesareans | life with your baby | birth peptalk | for all expectant parents

Practical Guides to Labour & Birth – 16 titles based on first-hand experience, parent experiences, research and experience…
labour and birth | pain relief | induction | caesareans | birth support | going over your due date | your birth bag | meeting your baby | delivering your placenta | your body after birth

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries…

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